SoFAShallow Foundation Analysis Software: An open source software for bearing capacity and settlement calculation of shallow foundations according to EuroCode 7 and EuroCode 8 (with Kostis Nikolaou, M.Sc.)

MISS3D-EqLA Matlab module that runs on Unix, designed to perform equivalent-linear soil-foundation- structure analysis. It uses the open source MISS3D software developed in Ecole Centrale Paris

Link: MISS3D
SWaPSoil Wave Propagation: a Windows64 application supported by Matlab Compiler Runtime. It is designed for educational and research purposes to evaluate soil wave propagation by 1D analysis in an linear approach (coded by Christian Moertl)

Link: Download executable
in MATLABSeveral Matlab functions for earthquake engineering, geotechnical earthquake engineering, structural dynamics, soil dynamics, vibrations, signal processing